Transfer to 1C, setting up data exchange between 1C and Workday, setting up a personal account, payroll calculation, and HR administration for a Russian division of the global group, manufacturer of rock wool solutions.
  • Problems with Axapta technical support, massive labour consumption to adapt the program to the applicable labour laws​.
  • High spending on the HR function as compared to other companies in the industry​.
  • High percentage of manual labour and, as a result, a lot of errors​.
  • Duplicate functions​.
  • As required by the head office, all HR data for the company had to be entered into the global Workday system for the convenience of controlling the function ​in a single HR system.
  • It was suggested that the company should switch from Axapta to 1C. Over the course of 2 months, data were entered in parallel into two systems to ensure timely payments and reflection of HR events​
  • The 1C Personal Account solution was set up for automated creation and approval of applications (for vacations, work on weekends, etc.), obtaining HR information (making changes to personal data, the work schedule).​
  • A 1C solution for keeping time records with a data verification function was implemented ​
  • The exchange of HR data with the global HR Workday system was set up: hiring, transfers, dismissal of employees, changes in personal data, various types of compensations, as well as data on employees hired under independent contractor agreements. Local data were compared with global ones, and scenarios for comprehensive items were developed — organisational structure, types of accruals, etc.
  • Automation and unification of HR processes at all plants.​
  • Optimisation of the​​ HR function costs by 20%.​
  • Reduction of the document processing speed by 85%.​
  • Setting up centralised analytics for HR processes.​
  • Mitigating risks of violation of the labour laws and requirements for cross-border transfer of personal data (FZ-152).

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