Nissan Manufacturing Rus

Automating and outsourcing the processing of expense reports for a car manufacturer using SAP and Hamilton Apps.
The company’s average staff number is 2200 employees, of which more than 400 regularly go on business trips. 300 persons use corporate bank cards and other 200 undertake expenses requiring compensation without using corporate cards.
  • accelerate the process of expense reports processing and save labour;
  • decrease the number of errors in expense reports;
  • reduce the number of errors upon manual reconciliation of the travel agency’s data;
  • reduce the accounts receivable;
  • reduce expenses on business trips;
  • signing of expense reports with electronic digital signature.
  • launching a portal for expense reports processing being accessible from mobile devices;
  • creating an electronic archive with an option of retrieval and analysis of data for any period;
  • introduction of electronic digital signature;
  • automatic reconciliation of the travel agency’s data with reports.
  • time for expense reports processing has reduced;
  • expenses on hard-copy document flow and logistics have reduced;
  • employees and managers can create and approve documents remotely from mobile devices;
  • tax risks associated with incorrect execution of documents have decreased;
  • managers have obtained a tool for detailed analysis of expenses on business trips, which made it possible to reduce these expenses;
  • employees timely receive payments under expense reports, the company’s accounts receivable have reduced.

Upon transition to electronic document flow which has also included processing of expense reports, total control of expenses became the most important advantage for us. Besides, expenses on paper document flow, like courier services, archiving, etc., have reduced. The company management gained full access to information on each document and its processing stage. Changes in the document flow system gave rise to the optimisation of quite a number of processes in the company work.

— Alena Gatina

Finance Manager at Nissan

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